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Ten Romantic Wedding Ring Engraving Ideas

3rd December 2019

by Tara W.

You’re getting married, you’ve already purchased the engagement rings and now it’s time to have some fun picking out your wedding rings. But if you feel like doing something a little bit different, you’ll want something special and unique to just the both of you. 

Having your wedding rings engraved could be the perfect solution. But here’s the tricky part, you have no idea what you want your engraving to be, how you’d go about doing so, or the best metal to choose. This is why here at Diamonds Factory, we have put together a guide featuring ten great romantic wedding ring engraving ideas, along with some helpful facts and tips to help you make your decision. 

Now that we know what to look out for, let’s take a look at ten wedding ring engraving ideas you and your partner could adopt for your rings:

1. Engrave your vows?

Why not include a version of your vows or a short expression of your love on the band? It could something very simple such as, “I love you” or single words such as “Forever” or “Eternity”. You could even have the word “Soulmates” engraved to express how perfect you are for one another.

If you can fit something in that is a little longer, then think about sentences from your vows such as “To have and to hold”. You should go for a phrase or word that you feel sums up your love the best.

Engagement Rings - Engrave Your Vows

2. Romantic language

If you would prefer something that is romantic and unique but like the idea of using an older phrase, consider an engraving in a different language. The most popular options are, French, Italian and Latin as they are some of the most romantic languages spoken from around the world. Go for something as simple as “My love” in a foreign language or;

In French - “Pour tous jours” (For all days)

In Latin - “Semper amemus” (Let us always love)

In Italian - “Il mio cuore e` tuo per sempre” (My heart is yours forever)

Engagement Rings - Romantic Engraving

3. Old English inscriptions

As mentioned previously, the tradition of “poesy” rings began many, many years ago and so having an Old English phrase engraved on your ring could be a good idea. This is something that would have been found on a ring in the Middle Ages and is a great way of carrying on this old tradition. Consider choosing a historical phrase that has a personal meaning just for you. Something like, “Let nothing part but death” or “This and I until I die”.

4. A meaningful symbol

Now, we’ve all heard the saying ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’ and that really can be the case on your wedding ring. If you want to be more visual than verbal then get a symbol engraved on your ring.

The cost and size will, of course, play a huge role in this sort of engraving but you can opt for something simple like a heart or even choose an icon that represents a hobby that you both share and feel strongly about.

For someone who loves the outdoors, for example, consider engraving a tree outline into your ring, or if you and your other half share a strong bond over an animal, how about a small engraving of one? It’s a more unusual take on the idea but symbols are the perfect way of representing your love for one another.

Wedding Ring - Meaningful Symbol

5. Fingerprint engraving

This is one of the most romantic engraving ideas out there. This concept engraves your fingerprint on the wedding band, so you can keep each other close by every single day. This is so special because everyone has a different fingerprint meaning that it really is unique to one another and an amazing way to share your specific bond. Get matching wedding rings with the other person’s fingerprint.

You will need to use ink and paper to get a copy of your fingerprint - your ring finger on your left hand is a good choice - and then take this to an engraving service. Bear in mind that the whole fingerprint won’t be able to be featured on the band, but a small part of it - and to you, it could make it even more special.

Wedding Band - Fingerprint Engraving

6. Your names on the rings

Another popular and personal trend for ring engravings is having your names on each other's rings - but in your own handwriting! Technology has made it a lot easier for jewelers to create custom designs, so engraving your personal handwriting onto a ring is easier than ever before.

Of course, this idea may depend on your partner’s writing because a messy signature or name can just end up looking like scratches, so be sure to practice writing out names before getting this done. If this works for you, signatures can make for beautiful inscriptions.

Your names on the rings

7. Your initials and the wedding date

A very simple way to commemorate your special day and your love for one another is to engrave both of your initials and your wedding date within your ring band. Not only does this look beautiful, you’ll never forget your anniversary - and if you are struggling to remember you can just look on the inside of your ring!

Wedding Date and Initials Engraved

8. Engrave your partner’s name

Similar to your partner's signature, why not just engrave their name? This keeps it short, sweet and simple. Each person could wear a band with the others name on it and if you have special nicknames for one another you could use this instead.

Engraving Ideas

9. Use an engraving to commemorate how you met

How did you both meet? Maybe you met at a party, or your first date was a movie? Perhaps your eyes just met across the bar. Honour that first moment of your connection by engraving a phrase that links to that special time. It can be a motto or a quote from something on that day. It will be a constant reminder of where it all began for you both and how far you have come since that moment.

10. A film or song

Music and film are important triggers when it comes to memory and no doubt you and your partner have a favourite film or piece of music you enjoy together. Perhaps have some words from ‘your song’ engraved on your wedding band or part of a movie quote.

Engraving Ideas film

When it comes to engraving, it’s a way of keeping back something completely personal to you and your partner that you don’t need to share with anyone else if you don’t want to.

Feeling inspired? The sky really is the limit when it comes to engraving your wedding rings, choose from one of our ten suggestions and make your own little romantic sentiment for you and your loved one to enjoy forever more.