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How to wear a tennis bracelet with a watch

9th February 2022

by Admin

A tennis bracelet is a versatile piece of jewellery that can elevate an outfit for a special occasion or give a classical modesty to a casual look. If you’re looking for how to style a tennis bracelet with a watch, look no further than the Y2K era. Owing to the 2000s fashion renaissance, tennis bracelets are coming back for 2022 – but they never go out of style. 


What is a tennis bracelet

Tennis bracelets got their name following a 1987 US Open match, during which Chris Evert lost her linked band of pavé diamonds and paused the match to search for it. The bracelet style first became popular in the 1920s, when it was known as an eternity bracelet, owing to the small diamonds and thin precious metal chain going on for infinity. But following the fateful match, the world has known the piece as a tennis bracelet. 


Layering on one wrist

Some people say that layering jewellery is a cardinal sin, but if you have the eye for it and the right advice, layered bracelets or necklaces can elevate an ordinary outfit into something personalised to you to show off who you are.


Wearing your tennis bracelet with a watch is definitely something you can do. Although, for men in particular, wearing two bracelets at once can carry a couple of risks: 


Scratching your watch

Scratching your watch with the sharp diamonds in your tennis watch can happen. It not only impacts the aesthetic value of your watch, but it can change the value of your watch if you ever look to resell it. So wearing a tennis bracelet on the same side as a hard metal watch might not be the best thing to do. 


Losing stones

The friction between your watch and tennis bracelet can result in the loss of stones from your bracelet. If you are wearing your watch on the same arm as your bracelet, avoiding friction by considering the placement of each piece is important to avoid damage to all your pieces of jewellery. 


How to style a metal watch with a tennis bracelet


To wear a tennis bracelet with a metallic watch, it’s important to think about which metals you are putting together. Putting the same metals together (for example: silver with silver, or a gold bracelet with a gold watch) is the best idea if you’re dedicated to keeping your look a little more sleek or discreet, but is not a must. You can still create a harmonious look with mixed metals, such as silver and gold.


Mixing and matching materials


Avoid the metal matching minefield altogether by opting for a watch that isn’t metallic. Watches with leather or fabric straps are perfect for matching with a tennis bracelet. For example, matching a watch with a blue silk strap and a white gold tennis bracelet expresses a soft, elegant femininity that can be very wearable for any gender. 


Don’t wear all the bracelets all the time


You can wear your tennis bracelet every day, but styling your tennis bracelet and watch together for everyday wear can be a bit intense. It’s fundamental to consider your wrist size when you’re wearing any kind of bracelet in multiples. For example, if you have slim wrists, wearing a bulky metallic watch and a tennis bracelet on the same arm can have the effect of cutting your arm shorter than the other. 


So, thinking about which side you should wear your tennis bracelet on in comparison to your body is important – and remember, that unless you’re wearing bangles, no one should wear more than three bracelets on one arm at once. 


Leave space


Lastly, when you’re styling your tennis bracelet with a watch, wearing thinner and smaller bracelets when you’re wearing more than one is a basic rule for showing off all your jewellery at the same time. If you’re looking for how to style a multi-row tennis bracelet, the rule of thumb is to make sure that it isn’t too tight and to wear your watch slightly underneath the bracelet.


Wearing a tennis bracelet with a watch isn’t a new phenomenon and there’s style inspiration all over the internet, from Pinterest to Instagram – there’s no shortage of ways to style your tennis bracelet and watch.

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